Swashbuckler Rope Flogger

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Master Series

Take your impact play up a notch with this 6 tailed rope whip! Made of nylon, it is highly absorbent, durable and built to last! The knots on each end of the falls add an extra bite to each throw. Each fall is twisted so it stays tightly together and they are braided together along the handle. The firm handle keeps its shape with the help of a metal alloy core. Enjoy using this as a tool to give your lover a wicked little tap on the bottom when the flogging is paused. Easy to hold and to aim, this whip is great for beginners and advanced users alike! Due to its absorbent nature, it’s important to properly clean your rope after use, especially when it has come in contact with bodily fluids. Start by soaking the rope in a tub of water with mild detergent. Rinse using a rope washer or place directly into the washing machine. Washing rope in a top-loading washing machine is the easiest method.


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