Convicted Ultra Secure Locking Chastity Cage

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Embrace complete captivity with this Convicted Ultra Secure Locking Chastity Cage. There’s no escape from this captivity, and as your Keyholder’s willing prisoner, you’ll have to succumb to whatever punishment and penance they deem fit to earn your freedom. This cage is made of stainless steel so it’s durable, strong metal bars will hold your cock snug and tight in a flaccid state for as long as you wear it. Find the perfect fit with 3 graduated rings to choose from so you are fully restrained.

Get locked up tight with one durable lock and 3 keys. Keep a spare key within access for safety and give the other to your Keyholder. It’s their job to release you, and until then you can keep the lock slipped through the pin and in place. Take showers, baths, swim or sit in the jacuzzi with this waterproof, stainless metal. The cage has a cum-thru tip so you can easily urinate and open sides so your cock can breathe and air out between showers and sweaty activities.

After you’re released, fully clean the cage with boiling water or a cleaning solution. While wearing it, use mild soap and warm water.

Measurements: Cage: Length is 2.75 inches, Diameter is 1.375 inches. Base Rings Diameters: Small is 1.625 inches, Medium is 1.75 inches, Large is 2 inches.

Materials: Stainless steel

Includes: Chastity cage, 3 base rings, padlock, and 3 keys

Color: Silver

Key Features:

  • Serious Lockdown: This kit comes with one lock and 3 keys. Slilp the lock through the pin and enjoy not being able to escape without your Keyholder’s permission!
  • Long-Term Chastity: Designed for long-term wear, the cum-thru tip allows you to urinate while wearing it. The sides are open for breathability and make it possible to clean yourself in the shower or bath and let yourself air out.
  • Graduated Rings: Choose the right length with 3 graduated rings that let you adjust for the perfect, snug fit.
  • Stainless Steel Cage: This stainless steel cage is easily kept clean, body safe, durable and easy to thoroughly clean after removal. Simply boil the cage in hot water or use a cleaning solution on it after. While wearing, use warm water and mild soap.


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